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Rest in Peace, Kawakami Tomoko

April 25, 1971 – June 9, 2011
Kawakami Tomoko

I feel devastated, it's like there's a big whole only leaving emptiness behind. She brought so many characters to life, especially her voice as Hikaru will always be close to my heart. The emotional realism of her voice-acting made me laugh and cry so many times. She was only 40. Her life work will be remembered and treasured by us fans.

Rest in Peace.
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Star Driver Finale (Spoiler free)

This is how I feel about Star Driver after watching the last episode.

The good:
→minor characters (Sakana, Daddy, Prof. Green!!)
→soundtrack (Monochrome ~version de l'apprivoiser~)
→background story (Head, Mizuno, Adult Bank)
→references & foreshadowing

The bad:
→presentation of the main story
→too many unnecessary loose ends

Favorite episode: Episode 5, Prof. Green's love story is adorable and hilarious.

In case you dropped it after Sakana-chan left, the relevant episodes to understand the finale are 6,7,8 - 11 - 12 - 14,15,16 - 20 - 22 - 24,25. You can pretty much skip all the other episodes. I really liked how the background story connected the minor characters, however, I didn't feel emotionally involved and attached to the main trio at all.

Epic? No. It could have been great, the well-planned plot was always there, but the main story just fell a bit flat in the end: Good writing, but bland main characters.

(ノゝ∀・)~キラ☆ KIRABOSHI!
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#prayforjapan #tsunami "We are strong!"

#prayforjapan #tsunami

Smile54. #prayforjapan #tsunami on Twitpic Smile82. #prayforjapan #tsunami on Twitpic Smile72. #prayforjapan #tsunami on Twitpic Smile66. #prayforjapan #tsunami on Twitpic
Inoue Takehiko gives me so much hope for drawing these smiles everyday on Twitter (@inouetake), inspiring and encouraging everyone to be strong in these times of hardships after the tsunami. When I saw Anzai-sensei's smiling face, I almost cried because I was so touched. He's drawn more than 30 faces in the last few days after the natural disaster.

"We are strong!"

You can check out his beautiful drawings here.
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Never Forget.

28th September 2008
Lelouch Lamperouge

Good night, Sweet Prince.

The following quote pretty much conveys my feelings:
2 years ago today. It really doesn't seem like all that long ago. I think we still miss Lelouch every day though... every Sunday is a little empty without him and all his wonderful multi-colored friends, in their rollerskating Gundams, with their homoerotic hand gestures. I hope Lelouch comes home someday soon.
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New friends for a New Year :D

shounen jump

friending meme




Sorry, if I spammed the hell out of your f-list!
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friends cut

There are three things that can not be united: Intelligence, Decency and National Socialism.
You can be intelligent and a Nazi. Then you are not decent.
You can be decent and a Nazi. Then you are not intelligent.
And you can be decent and intelligent. Then you're not a Nazi.

--Gerhard Bronner

I respect differences in opinion, however, I will not condone any support of nationalism on my f-list; knowing my anti-nazi standpoint, it makes me feel honestly disgusted that there are still so many people thinking in such a xenophobic way.

Thank you for understanding & thanks for the time being my fandom-friend, nevertheless, I believe our differences in politics are just too huge to overlook.
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Happy Birthday, France!

In France, watching the Défilé militaire du 14 juillet right now.

Bon Anniversaire, Nii-chan ♥

Today is Bastille Day!
I really love looking up the exact hexadecimal values of flags :D
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Unfortunately, I can't draw a birthday pic for him, because my graphic tablet is at home in Hamburg and don't have a scanner here ;_;
15 days until France's character single release and my birthday :D
omg, awesome parade, I love the aircrafts that are spraying smoke messages in the sky, in this case the French flag
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Sorry, cut a number of people, we're just not close anymore.
It was nice getting to know you, take care!
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new fma

S-so touching... baww.

Bones tops my expectations, so awesome ♥ and I really don't have to worry about getting my Sunday anime fix, I totally worried about the void after Geass & Gundam 00's ending due to the lack of Sunrise mecha this spring, but all the other new series will keep me entertained :D