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25 August 2008 @ 01:54 am
tokimemo~~~ ♥  
I just recently got into Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side, a popular otome game produced by Konami and I've spent almost the last five days playing 2nd Season. I got to say that it's enormously entertaining, although the mini-games were admittedly very pestering, until I got the hang of those...

Unlike in 1st Love, where I immediately fell for Hazuki Kei (the main guy, who's the childhood promised one, PERFECT, but slightly uppish Prince ♥__♥), I'm not too fond of Saeki, he's just irritating me with his attitude, although I do love tsunderes usually ;_;. But I'll give my final judgnement, after I've finished everyone else to lastly capture him...
However, thank goodness, my fairy-tale prince appeared as a preset character on the first day of school:

Wakaouji Takafumi - the heroine's homeroom and science teacher ♥

Where do I begin... Firstly, from the aesthtic aspect, Sensei is absoloutely gorgeous ♥ >///<
However, since this should be a given for capturable otome game characters;
I'll just furtherly elaborate on the reason why he's irresitable:
Personality-wise, he's such a sweet heart; Wakaouji-sensei is kind but slightly dorky, which places him at the top of my moe~ scale!
He's exceptionally intelligent and a science genius, possessing an IQ of 200!
Albeit this wasn't explicitely stated in the game, I assume that he's fairly young for a teacher because of his highly developped intellect.
On top of that, he's pretty athletic which he demonstartes in one of the Track & Field Club practices
He never takes off his white coat at school, uses the bunsen burner as a cooking device and drinks coffee out of a beaker;
(Not to mention that every middle/high schooler should know it's absoloutely dangerous ^^)

     I really love Wakaouji-sensei and his scenes, espcially the accidental kiss and his confession are utmost adorable; I couldn't help it but randomly scream "Sensei~~~~" throughout his route. >///< *kyaaa* I honestly was too infatuated with him that I almost didn't notice three other guys bombed me...

For the following playthrough, I decided to go after the official mystery character in GS2:

Akagi Kazuyuki - the mysterious student from Habataki High School ♥

Out of all characters in 2nd Season, I consider his personality the most even-minded, Akagi's stubborn, a bit shy but overall very mindful. His relationship to the heroine's got one of the best chemistries - if not the best:
Their interaction conveys a very natural feeling, the way they affectionately dispute doesn't come off forced at all and is fairly realistic.
Since he is from another school and the official mystery character, the requirements are consequently quite tiring:
The heroine has to go shopping. A lot. The first time they meet is by chance when both them take shelter from the rain.
Their conversations are absolutely amusing, for instance when both of them keep being stubborn to let the other have the umbrella until a random person snatches the last one XD;.
Apparently, the heroine has got to go shopping FIFTY times in total in order to get his confession and I can tell you that it's quite annoying, espceially when you're broke and the only to do is go window shopping ;P
Although, he modestly denied that he's particularly outstanding at school , it is revealed later that he's actually the Student Council President of Habatak High (which is an elite school btw and the setting of First Love) and thus obviously very intelligent. ♥
       Once again, this is another character I absolutely adore, there's a lot character development going on in their few scenes and I love how the misunderstandings between him and the heroine are overcome.

Now, the last one before school starts for me, the DS Only - ultimate recluse charcter *dies of moe*

Komori Taku - the moe hikkikomori transfer student

Komori's the shy, self-conscious and very sensitive 2nd year transfer student the heroine meets if her Social stats are high enough.
After his rather awkward introduction where he has spoken too quietly for anyone to understand, Komori starts ditching school.
Since absolutely no one's able to resist Sensei's request (I, at least, can't XD), the heroine starts visiting Komori regularly in order to persuade him to come to school.
He's got the CUTEST dialect I've ever heard. * A* I LOVE THE WAY HE SAYS "IKUBE"
At first, he's not talkative at all thus his answers are really simplistic, but after a while he slowly opens up and even let's the starving heroine in to eat some soup.
Random adorable conversation:
Heroine: Let's go to school!
When both of them are on a date at the Aquarium, HE SAYS THAT HE WANTS TO SEE THE DOLPHINS, SO VERY MOEEEEE (pic related)
After that date, he finally appears in front of the heroine the next day in his Hanegasaki uniform *A* WITH A BRAND NEW HAIR CUT ;_; That was so utmost adorable I was going to die.

        Komori's route is so indescribably cute and I love the character development portrayed by Konami. His confession scene is so absolutely loveable ♥♥♥ and I can't stop going totally "moe~~".

My overall impression of this game is extremely positive and I must admit that I like it more than the Alice series by QuinRose; you can see by the details and thought-out scenarios that Konami has put much effort into Tokimemo. The conversations flow very well and all the confessions I've heard so far had a certain something that was lacking in the former mentioned games.

Too bad that I'm not as motivated to play the other guys' routes, I shouldn't have played the ones I find most attention-grabbing first. orz
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